Professional E-mail Address for your Business

In a world where impressions count, a professional e-mail address creates the right business image for you.

It confirms your company's brand, identity and integrity, and helps promote your business.

It's all in a Name

Consider the different impressions that the following two e-mail addresses give you, even though they may be from the same person and

If you were looking for services, goods or support, you would be much more likely and confident to contact the business address on any 'real' matter.

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E-mail Addresses

E-mail Addresses

E-mail Address for your Business

Your business e-mail address is one of the most important contact points for your customers and clients...

The use of e-mail has revolutionised how businesses and people keep in contact with each other. Aside from being fast and inexpensive, it is easier to manage, organise and deal with.

In our modern busy lives, e-mail is hugely accesible to everyone via a variety of platforms from computers to phones, iPhones to iPads, through to any Internet enabled device...

E-mail Addresses with Website Hosting

Scotland Web Design provides professional business e-mail addresses with all website hosting accounts.

These can all be configured to work with a method that works for you or your business. E-mail can be accessed by normal e-mail clients (Outlook, Mail, iOS Devices etc), managed through common e-mail platforms (G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc), or even diverted to personal accounts.

All e-mail accounts come with e-mail and virus scanning, which can be configured to increase or decrease sensitivity, or alter detection actions.

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