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E-commerce and Shopping Carts

E-commerce & Shopping Carts

Websites with Shopping Carts

A shopping cart allows your website to sell goods or products directly to customers. A payment gateway takes care of the payment process which deposits the money into your account.

Typical payment gateways can be provided by banks (RBS WorldPay, HSBC, BarclaysCard etc) or other suppliers (SagePay, Streamline, PayPal, Google Checkout etc).

What Type of Shopping Carts are Available?

Scotland Web Design can provide a range of shopping cart facilities, from simple in-house systems, bespoke shopping carts, through advanced custom-built shopping applications.

For budget-restricted endeavours, entry shopping cart systems can have simple back-ends for managing shop products and connect to PayPal / Google Checkout for the checkout process.

More advanced shopping systems have more complex back-ends that look after stock management, product images, discounts, coupons, sales reports and much more.

Other E-Commerce Facilities

Other E-commerce facilities often requested include payment systems (including recurring payments), donations / GiftAid solutions, through to anything where you may want to bill a customer, now or in the future.

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