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Database Applications

Database Applications

What is a Database Application?

Database Applications allow your website to perform more advanced operations from shopping systems to booking / reservation systems, to custom-built administration / management facilities.

Every major system you see operating on the Internet from Amazon to E-bay, is running off database applications.

What Types of Database do you use?

Most customers these days want to use PHP / MySQL setups (PHP is the language, MySQL is the database). They are light-weight and flexible, able to handle all manner of modern online operations.

We can also build systems based on ASP / Access, but, very few people use these now.

More advanced systems may also require MS SQL or .NET systems.

Where Do You Start With a Database Application

The best starting point is to sit down and describe in your own words, what you want your application to be able to do and how it will work within your business operation.

From there we can begin to advise you on how that application could come to life, costing options and how to proceed from there.

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